Honesty, integrity, and rapid personal service characterise the experience of working with The Incredibly Useful Company Limited (TIUCL).

Established in 1999, TIUCL has been heavily involved in web design & development and has performed as Webmaster and Senior Web Consultant for various companies and corporations. In that time TIUCL has worked on major travel marketing sites and intranets for small businesses and large corporations as well as individuals.

We have more than 23 years experience in the field of corporate design and publishing and have directed several projects in Brussels, London, New York and Cape Town. The combination of business and art backgrounds ensures a good understanding of the corporate and design worlds, perfectly complemented by an up-to-date approach to design, layout and production.

TIUCL can call on over 25 years experience in the field of sound production, installation and sound design. Having worked on various film, web and popular music projects, our creative skills always provide an original edge to complement the artwork.

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